Monday, April 16, 2018

World Sports Alliance - The right reasons to fund Sport for Development and Peace Initiatives (SDP): Reason 9

The right reasons to fund Sport for Development and Peace Initiatives (SDP)

 Reason 9: the evidence from the field.

How to raise funds on the markets to finance development, including sports for development and peace, without being immediately accused of being a crook.  When you travel to Africa, away from the world summits, far from the peremptory assertions of some whistleblowers, the financing process of sustainable development appears as obvious that is staring you in the face. In my blog, I recalled the six lessons of financing sustainable development that was transmitted to me by some brilliant
African brokers of ideas.

  1. Peace first! If the Sahel is the land of all dangers, Sub- Saharan Africa often remains a powder keg.
  2. Priority to development provided it is sustainable!
  3. Sustainable development means eradicating hunger.
  4. Reliance on international financial institutions does not necessarily promote sustainable development.
  5. From Africa, the model of the twentieth century from Bretton Woods is no longer suitable.
  6. Priority to the micro-economy and the funding of local projects.

I concluded: “Seen from the South, sustainable development will necessarily involve the mobilization of funds likely to encourage the financing of economic projects, ranging from micro-projects to macro-projects: agricultural development, electrification, town sanitation, land use planning, construction of administrative or sports infrastructure, development of communication routes. These projects will lead to the creation of SMEs and SMIs and will provide support for professional projects
of women's groups, the launch of microfinance campaigns for young people, as well as the promotion of sports initiatives”. See next.

Follow an example of funding of SDP initiatives:

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